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Personal Trainer, New York Sports Club

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Azevedo Consulting - Los Angeles, California

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Fitness Manager, Club One

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Quebec, Canada

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2005 Grand Prize Winner of the PTN Awards Program

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Co-owner/Business Manager, Scott Jackson's Real Life Fitness

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- Matt Brady
New South Wales, Australia

Whenever I have a question about personal training, be it a new exercise, stretching/flexibility or training, I KNOW I can turn to your web site for the answers!
- Dondra Sampson
Personal Trainer, New York Sports Club

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United Kingdom

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Waikato, New Zealand

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Belfast, Ireland

Thank you so much for the posting the fabulous audio interview with Thomas Myers. What a great reminder of the power of this type of approach to bodywork. A fabulous way to integrate really successful bodywork and personal training. I hope you make this converation a series. He's really got a gift for explaining the often complicated and convoluted world of fascial work. Thanks again!
- Allison Anderson, RMT
Castle Hill Fitness - Austin, Texas

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Crunch Fitness

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Los Angeles, California

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Gold's Gym - Parisi Speed School

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Proper Form Fitness Training - Miami Beach, Florida

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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South Australia

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- John Searle
Body Active Personal Training - United Kingdom

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President, Synergy Health & Fitness - White Marsh, Maryland

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New York, New York

Over the past two years, I have developed into a fantastic trainer who has learned and will continue to the learn from the best in the business (Gary Gray, Michol Dalcourt, Thomas Myers, Paul Chek), all thanks to the awareness and resources your web site has given me. You're simply awesome!
- Kevin Pratt
Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This is so incredible the way members can get almost instant feedback from the top professionals in the world about training [through the PTN Research Corner]. Thank you so much!
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I want to congratulate the whole PTontheNET.com team on the quality of the information on the site.
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Dear PTN Editors and Contributors: You guys provide the fitness industry the best in depth help and information. You truly are #1!
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- George Pilibosian
General Manager, Proper Form - Miami Beach, Florida

Thanks so much for the prize [in the '07 PTN Awards Program]!! I truly love what PTontheNET.com offers, and I access it quite regularly.
- Cindy Leckie-Cleaver
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That's awesome that PTN members get rewarded for being educated! I love the programs you guys offer, and I can't wait to learn more.
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I’m so excited to be a winner [in the '07 PTN Awards Program]! Thank you so much for the author gift pack! It means so much to me as a trainer to have these amazing educational gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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You people are just fantastic. I check your web site everyday and have to admit you are the best thing I've found. Thank you!
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What a fab article you have given us PTN members on "Food Comparison: Apple vs. Doughnut" by Paul Taylor. Written in a way that we can understand. Good illustrations. I loved it, and I will never touch a doughnut again, even if I did not before. Thanks again for all the great work you do.
- Lesley Wills
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I use PTontheNET.com almost daily and love it. Thank you!
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PTontheNET.com is by far the best website for information and enabling my journey to continually educate myself. Thanks for the info and for a great place to further my abilities.
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I just wanted to thank you for everything that you do. Your articles are so helpful! Often, I find myself asking "What training plans should I give an Olympic triathlete?" or "I wonder if acupuncture really works?" and then lo and behold, there is an article posted that is so down to earth and so informational, I cannot wait to print it out and read it again! Thank you so much for making the information so easily attainable and readable!
- Dana Humbert
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Thank you for being such an amazing resource. It puts me ahead of the local competition having PTontheNET.com on my side!
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The Australian PT Summit Roadshow in Perth was absolutely worth the time and money invested. All speakers were fantastic.
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- Derrick Schumacher
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I attended the PT Summit Roadshow in Brisbane on February 15th. I had a wonderful day of learning, reinforcing and mind opening! It was fabulous to be surrounded by such passion, knowledge and experience!!
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I would like to thank you for providing us with such a fantastic resource – we love the fact that articles and information is provided by current innovators and credible resources. This has been a huge benefit to our company. Our staff research everything from the latest scientific news to new exercises (sometimes to help win arguments), and our management team finds the information on HR, business, coaching, etc invaluable. What you provide is much more informative than some local conferences we have attended! Every health and fitness related business needs to have a membership to PTontheNET.com.
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