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PTontheNET is optimized for Internet Explorer v 7.x and higher, Firefox 3.0 and higher (Windows) or Safari 3 or higher and Firefox (Macintosh OS X).

PLEASE NOTE : We DO NOT support pre-Intel Macs, Windows versions earlier than Windows 2000 (including Windows NT), or Linux. Whilst the site may work under these unsupported platforms, we cannot provide technical support for them.

You will need either of these internet browsers installed to 

Access the members section of Personal Training on the Net
View and print articles 
Create, save, print and email programs you create through Create a Program
Access and submit the continuing education exams

Please select the most appropriate browser from the list below. Its easy and free to download the latest version.Downloads (Windows 2000/XP/Vista):

IMPORTANT : Microsoft Silverlight

Mac users: Flip4Mac WMV Plug-In is required to view some video offered through PTontheNet. Download or update Flip4Mac WMV Plug-In here.

To view media on the site, and to get the full benefit of the rich experience we have provided for you, you will need Microsoft Silverlight. This is a free download - please click here to see if you have it installed. If you continue to experience difficulty, please email us at

Technical Support

We commonly find that technical problems are caused by browser and/or computer settings that have been altered, or internet security software that has not been configured to trust our site.


Please set any internet security software to trust the domain. Note that you should not just allow, but all addresses.
Restoring the default browser settings and clearing cached content that your computer has stored on its hard disk usually solves most problems people have with the site.

Here's how you go about this (note - if you are using a computer at your workplace, we recommend that you consult with your employer's IT people before performing these steps):

1. Choose Reset Safari from the Safari Menu

Not using Safari?

Choose Reset Safari from the Safari Menu

2. Click the RESET button to reset Safari's default settings.

Choose advanced, and click on Restore Defaults
3. The next step is to clear your browser's cache.
To do this, choose Empty Cache from the Safari menu
Click General, then Delete Files

4. Click on Empty

Ensure checkbox is checked, and click OK

You should now return to the area of the site in which you were experiencing difficulty. If you are still having problems
after performing all the steps above, please
click here.