Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 2

January 27 – January 28 2017 | Seattle, Washington

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Elite Performance, 315 1st Ave. N#112

Presenter: Evidence Based Fitness Academy Event Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Seats Remaining : 10
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You assess your client's squat and lunge, but how often do you assess their walk?

As one of the most functional movements we do every day, walking should be the foundation to all functional movement screens.

Join Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr Emily as she explores how to understand the gait cycle as it relates to movement efficiency and elastic energy transfer. Take your client and patient programming to the next level!

Learn concepts including:
Advanced foot biomechanics
New concepts in load perception and muscle tuning 
Perform and running gait assessment
The catapult effect and energy transfer 
+ more!

Registration fee includes manual and Certification exam.

Prerequisite: You must have attended and have passed the Barefoot Training Specialist® Level 1 course.

Day 1
9:00am -5:00pm

Day 2
9:00am - 1:00pm

Presenter's Bio: Dr Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the Founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy and Creator of the Barefoot Training Specialist®, Barefoot Rehab Specialist® and BARE® Workout Certifications for health and wellness professionals. With over 12 years in the fitness industry, Dr Splichal has dedicated her medical career towards studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot function and barefoot training.

Dr Splichal actively sees patients out of her office in Manhattan, NY with a specialty in sports medicine, biomechanics and forefoot surgery. Dr Splichal takes great pride in approaching all patients through a functional approach with the integration of full biomechanical assessments and movement screens. Dr Splichal is actively involved in the correction of movement dysfunctions as it relates to sports injury and frequently performs manual therapy techniques including joint mobilization and trigger point release.

Dr Splichal is actively involved in barefoot training research and barefoot education as it relates to athletic performance, injury prevention and human movement dysfunction. Dr Splichal has presented her research and barefoot education both nationally and internationally, with her barefoot programming in over 10 countries worldwide.

Due to her unique background, Dr Splichal is able to serve as a Consultant for some of the top fitness, footwear and orthotic companies including NIKE, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, Aetrex Worldwide, Crunch Fitness and Sols. 

Degrees/Certifications: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Master's in Public Health (Fall Reduction), M.S. Human Movement, NASM-CES, NASM-PES, NSCA-CPT

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