EMS – Elite movement Specialist. Functional assessment and training

March 09 – March 10 2013 | Manchester, United Kingdom




Presenter: Ben Cormack Event Time: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM Seats Remaining : 9
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The 2 day Elite Movement Specialist course teaches specific assessment methods, functional training techniques and functionally authentic program design.
It provides a functional process to apply instantly and with consistent results. This applied information offers structure; cohesion and a unique thought process to the significant task of functionally authentic assessment and solutions, training and program design.

This course has a focus on specific functional skills with a high level of practical interaction and application.


Ben Cormack is a fellow of applied functional science having studied at the Gray institute under Gary Gray and David Tiberio.
He is located in London, UK, and has been involved with training and conditioning of numerous athletes, including title-winning professional boxers, triathletes and ultra endurance runners.

Ben is a regular PTontheNet author. He has also runs a seminar series in the UK based on his training techniques, experiences and the science behind them.

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