CEC Exam Procedure

Gain valuable CECs and CEUs with almost every major fitness education body. PTontheNet's convenient online exams cover a wide variety of fitness education topics and help keep your certification up-to-date. Best of all, they’re FREE to all PTontheNET members, and you earn 25 PTN Awards points every time you pass an exam.

Indoor Rowing Technique and Programming

EXAM EXPIRES: 28 Feb 2017

CECs ACE: 0.10, AFAA: 1.00, canfitpro: 1.00, CI: 1.00, NASM: 0.10, PTAG: 1.00, PTontheNET: 1.00

What Makes a Successful Personal Trainer

EXAM EXPIRES: 28 Feb 2017

CECs ACE: 0.10, AFAA: 1.00, CI: 0.20, ISSA: 2.00, NASM: 0.10, PTAG: 2.00, PTontheNET: 2.00

Stress Response to Exercise

EXAM EXPIRES: 28 Feb 2017

CECs ACE: 0.20, AFAA: 2.00, CI: 0.20, ISSA: 2.00, NASM: 0.20, NSCA: 2.00, PTAG: 2.00, PTontheNET: 2.00

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Please read the CEC Exam procedure before doing the exams:

  1. An online exam will be posted on the website every other month and each exam will be available for a 10 month period. You can complete the exam at any time during the 10 month period.
  2. Each exam is based on a topic and a selection of (often diverse) articles about that topic.
  3. The passing grade is 75%, and the exam is graded automatically.
  4. We cannot disclose the answers to questions you may answer incorrectly, but you can retake the exam up to three times.
  5. After completion, your Certificate of Completion will be immediately available on your membership under My CECs.
  6. It is up to YOU to print and send the Certificate of Completion when renewing your certification.
  7. YOU CAN NOT LOG ON using someone else's username and password. The Certificate will only be issued under the owner of the membership and cannot be changed.
  8. Note that all Australian candidates must have a Certificate III in Fitness or equivalent to attain Fitness Australia CECs for successful completion of this CEC exam.