Assessing The Fundamentals: The Thoracic Connection, Part 2

by Evan Osar |   Date Released : 09 Jun 2010
Evan Osar

About the author: Evan Osar

Audiences around the world have seen Dr. Evan Osar’s dynamic and original presentations. His passion for improving human movement and helping the fitness professionals think bigger about their role can be seen and felt in every course he teaches. His 20-year background in fitness and experience as a chiropractic physician provide a unique prospective for any audience. Dr. Osar has become known for taking challenging information and putting into useable information the fitness professional can apply immediately.
Dr. Osar is the author of The Corrective Exercise Approach to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction, due to be released in the spring of 2012. He is a regular presenter at fitness conventions and the developer of the Integrative Movement Specialist™ certification.

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Taylor, David | 03 Aug 2010, 13:03 PM

This article has a lot of necessary information that makes intuitive sense, but it would be so helpful to have all of the corrective exercises shown in video. Some of them are not even provided with pictures for reference. I need to see the movements along with reading how they are to be done.

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