Assessing the Fundamentals - The Thoracic Connection, Part 1

by Evan Osar |   Date Released : 17 May 2010
Evan Osar

About the author: Evan Osar

Audiences around the world have seen Dr. Evan Osar’s dynamic and original presentations. His passion for improving human movement and helping the fitness professionals think bigger about their role can be seen and felt in every course he teaches. His 20-year background in fitness and experience as a chiropractic physician provide a unique prospective for any audience. Dr. Osar has become known for taking challenging information and putting into useable information the fitness professional can apply immediately.
Dr. Osar is the author of The Corrective Exercise Approach to Common Hip and Shoulder Dysfunction, due to be released in the spring of 2012. He is a regular presenter at fitness conventions and the developer of the Integrative Movement Specialist™ certification.

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Comments (10)

Sinitiere, Nick | 07 Mar 2013, 13:49 PM


Osar, Evan | 12 Dec 2012, 21:35 PM

Here is the reference you are requesting:

Pavel, Kolar. 2009. Exercise and the Athlete: Reflexive, Rudimentary, and Fundamental Strategies. Chicago, IL: course manual.

garth, stuart | 10 Dec 2012, 20:03 PM

can I get a reference for 'Physical medicine doctor Vojta reported...' ???


Brien, Shaune | 02 Oct 2012, 22:36 PM

Wow! The arrogance of you people! He has provided some vital information here which many people can benefit off and you pick at every part like vultures.. Health proffessionals who obviously need to work in rather than out. If your not showing love your showing hate, and love is the only way to move towards your personal legacy. Let your EGO go a little, no one knows everything

Thumm, Tina | 18 Mar 2012, 17:37 PM

Political intro? Obamacare? Seriously people??? Listing health care statistics is not in and of itself "political," anymore than listing ANY type of statistic is political. The health care bill itself was mentioned nowhere in the introduction. We work in the health care and fitness industry, these statistics ARE germane to our profession. Case in point: I work in a medically-based fitness center with mostly older clients and special populations, the EXACT people described in the statistics! If you don't like the fact that we ARE a health care-related industry and have to deal with the consequences of the health care crisis, perhaps you should find another career.

Edwards, Susannah | 19 Feb 2012, 18:13 PM

Who came up with this thoracopelvic canister (TPC) term? This idea of a canister completely ignores the natural curvature of the spine which would make the structural integrity of any 'canister,' especially one under any kind of pressure, highly questionable at best. Additionally, the political intro was gratuitous.

Bettler, Todd | 29 Jun 2011, 17:39 PM

I have to agree with Jonathan. Great article but the author would serve himself and his audience better by leaving his political proclivities and assumptions out of the discussion.

Falconer, Jonathan | 20 May 2011, 16:55 PM

No reason to bring Obamacare into an otherwise interesting article.

Ferraz, Eduarda | 06 Jun 2010, 15:08 PM

My "war," daily with my clients to "breathe." The problem is, that when they arrive at my hands do not even know how to breathe and did exercise a lifetime!
I look forward to the next article.

Lawler, Bridget | 18 May 2010, 20:11 PM

Wonderful article. This summarizes a lot of what the medical fitness and general fitness community can do to help improve the overall functionality of our clients/patients. I look forward to seeing the ideal corrective exercises that go along with this.


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