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As the world of personal training, fitness education and continuing education rapidly expands, there is one place where today’s fitness professional, athletic coach and personal trainer can find something to satisfy all of their fitness education needs – including a wealth of leading edge fitness articles, functional training tools, online personal trainer courses and fitness programs from strength, sports and functional training, to flexibility, nutrition and special populations. From fitness careers, personal training workshops and employment strategies to online personal training courses and functional training products. Plus CECs and CEUs, with every major fitness education body!

Welcome to Personal Training on the Net, the ultimate fitness continuing education resource for today’s personal trainer, sports coach, holistic health practitioner and fitness professional!

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Content Library

From a host of the most renowned and sought after fitness authors and educators, brings today’s personal trainer and fitness professional almost 2000 fitness, wellness and personal training articles, Q&As, audio clinics and author symposiums. No where else do personal trainers and fitness professionals have access to such a huge variety of in-depth, quality fitness education content than here at Personal Training on the Net!

 Articles – 3000+ fitness articles from functional training, sports training and nutrition to fitness careers, corrective exercise and mind-body training.

 Authors Paul Chek, Tudor Bompa, Annette Lang, Jim Labadie, Gray Cook, Greg Roskopf, Anthony Carey, Gary Gray, Mike Boyle, Shirley Archer, Mike Clark and more … – the Who’s Who" of personal trainer education!

 Research Corner Q&As – Interactive experts poised to tackle your most challenging questions – strength training, nutrition, injury prevention, special populations – and beyond!

 Audio Clinics – In-depth discussions and interviews with industry elite authors, sharing their latest discoveries in the realms of functional training with personal trainers around the world!

 Author Symposiums – A revolutionary forum for the world’s top fitness, wellness and sports educators to share their views on controversial topics (the truth about stretching, core training, nutrition and more!)

Box Office

 Perform Better Learn By Doing – Travelling series of in depth fitness workshops and personal training courses with top authors.

Workshops and Seminars – Powerful 1-5 day events with some of Personal Training on the Net’s leading authors.

Internships and Certifications – Take it to the next level with advanced training programs featuring the true gurus of functional training and human movement.

Programs & Assessments

As a personal trainer, sports coach, corrective exercise specialist or other fitness professional, the ability for you to design and progress effective individualized sports and fitness training programs is one of the absolute keys to creating a successful personal training business.

Exercise Library – 1000+ exercises and stretches - descriptions, pics and videos.

Create-A-Program – Leading-edge program design technology (linked directly to the Exercise Library!).

Pre-made Program Library – From sports training to post rehab – functional training fitness programs designed by leaders in fitness, performance enhancement and sports training.

Profiles and Assessment forms – Leading edge personal training fitness assessments - from health and lifestyle questionnaires to posture assessment, muscle balance, ROM and PAR-Q!

Online, DVD and Video Courses

In line with our commitment to delivering leading-edge and affordable continuing education to personal trainers and fitness professionals worldwide, we have teamed up with a host of today’s most revered authors and fitness educators to bring you over 70 power-packed, multi-media “virtual workshops” and fitness education courses that can be experienced online and in video/DVD format.

Virtual Workshops – State-of-the-art online workshops & multi-media presentations

DVD & video courses – Capturing the most progressive thought, theory and practice in fitness education, sports training and rehabilitation.

Bringing world-class educators into your home at never-before seen prices!


One of the greatest challenges (and opportunities!) that today’s personal trainer, sports coach and fitness professional faces is the challenge to keep growing, learning and expanding their level of fitness education. This challenge is answered abundantly at Personal Training on the Net, through regular online continuing education exams, advanced online fitness courses, virtual and DVD workshops and through live events offered on the Box Office!

FREE online exams - Gain valuable CECs and CEUs with all major fitness and personal training education bodies.

Online and DVD Courses - Exclusive discounts and access to live, online and multi-media continuing education courses! Save time, money and travel expense!

Career Tools

WebFlexor Web Site Design - Innovative and affordable Web Design and Hosting solutions

Primal Functional Anatomy DVDs and CDs - Functional anatomy software revolutionizing our understanding of the function of the human body!

Awards Program

The world's first awards program for professionals... rewarding your investment in your own education.

Exclusive discounts on fitness courses, workshops and educational products... plus many awesome personal training and fitness professional prizes to be won!

Plus monthly e-Newsletters, exclusive product discounts and an ever-expanding web of resources, support and career development opportunities. For the beginning personal trainer through to professional sport coaches and rehabilitative specialists, Personal Training on the Net truly is your online fitness education partner!

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